Does Gruest provide its service anywhere in Portugal?

Yes, Gruest performs services in any part of the portuguese territory.

Why doesn't a crane with a capacity of 30 tons always move the said 30 tons?

Cranes are commonly named for their capacity, under minimum radius and boom conditions. However, in practice most services are performed at a certain distance and height, which reduces the capacity of the machine. Technically, the combination between these 3 variables is represented through a table or a diagram, called a load diagram. In addition, cranes are limited to 75% of their capacity for safety reasons, in compliance with current European standards.

Does Gruest rent out its cranes without an operator?

Such is not possible. Operating a crane requires very specific technical and safety knowledge. In such a way that Gruest periodically dedicates training actions to its operators.

Can a crane travel on public roads?

When traveling on public roads, a crane is subject to the road code that applies to heavy vehicles.

What is the best contact outside office hours?

The best contact outside office hours is +351 969 852 181.

Can I request a crane service outside of office hours?

Yes, Gruest is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

If I have difficulty describing the service and location, what should I do?

Gruest promptly provides a technician who goes to the site and assesses the conditions on the ground, in order to find the most appropriate and economical solution.

What elements do I need to provide to request a crane service and consequently rent the most suitable crane?

The fundamental elements are: the type of load to be lifted, its weight, the height in question and finally the distance at which the maneuver is carried out. You should also make a small description of the conditions of the place, namely, if there are obstacles and if there is a need to occupy the public road.

Can I hire a crane on the spot, in response to an emergency?

Yes, Gruest has a vast fleet of cranes in constant operation and displacement, informing you of the crane's availability and arrival time.


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